7 Best Screen Mirroring App for Android to TV Without Wi-Fi

Screen Mirroring is a feature that enables you to present your Android device on the Television. By using this feature, you can share photos and videos and watch them on a big screen. You can also play your favorite video game on TV. It will be fun to play on a large screen. This article will let you know about some of the best screen mirroring apps for Android to TV without Wi-Fi.

7 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android to TV Without Wi-Fi

1. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror screen mirroring app assists you in presenting your Android device‘s screen on the TV. You can do this using a USB cable. This is one of the best apps that can be used in conditions where Wi-Fi connections are not available.

ApowerMirror Screen Mirroring App

2. LetsView

LetsView is a well-known app that is used for screen mirroring purposes. This app can be used smoothly without any Wi-Fi connection. LetsView assists you in linking the Android device to a TV screen via USB. You can use any other cable wire too. The application is easy to use. You can mirror your screen and record it also.

3. Screen Stream Mirroring

Screen Stream Mirroring is another popular app. It is used to connect the TV and your Android device. No requirement of Wi-Fi is needed. This app supports a wide range of Television brands and models. This is a versatile choice for the users. People having old TV versions may go for  Screen Stream Mirroring.

4. AllCast

AllCast is a handy app that enables you to stream your Android device’s screen without Wi-Fi. It mainly focuses on streaming media content. The app can also mirror your entire screen. AllCast supports various TV brands and is known for its ease of use.

AllCast screen mirroring app

5. Screen Mirroring for Samsung Smart TV

If you are a Samsung TV user then Screen Mirroring for Samsung Smart TV is a very good option. It allows you to mirror your Samsung Android device to the TV without a Wi-Fi connection. This app is specifically designed for Samsung Smart TV. It ensures you a seamless mirroring experience. 

6. USB Screen Mirroring

USB Screen Mirroring app can do screen mirroring of your Android device on your TV using a USB cable. This can be done simply. Just connect your Android device to the TV through USB cable. You need no Wi-Fi connection for this.

USB Screen Mirroring App

7. Miracast

Miracast is one of the best apps for screen mirroring. It is supported by most Android devices. Miracast allows you to mirror your Android phone or tablet to a TV or big screen that also supports Miracast. You don’t need Wi-Fi to connect to this app. It creates a direct connection between your device and the TV. While some newer TVs have built-in Miracast support, you may need a Miracast adapter for older TVs.

How to Screen Mirror Android to TV Without Wi-Fi?

1. Via USB Cable

Most of the apps mentioned above support a USB cable connection.  You need to connect the USB cable from your Android device to your TV. After connecting through a USB cable, you need to open the screen mirroring app and follow the instructions mentioned on the screen.

2. Using HDMI Cable

If your TV has HDMI ports then you may opt for this option.  Use HDMI cable to connect Android device to TV. This provides a reliable and straightforward way to mirror your screen without Wi-Fi.

3. Using Miracast

If your TV and Android device both support Miracast then go for it. Enable Miracast on your TV and use the “cast” option shown on your Android device. Now connect the Android device to your TV.

Bonus Tips and Tricks for Compatibility Issues

1. Check TV Compatibility

Check whether your TV supports the type of screen mirroring app you intend to use. Some old version TVs do not support many features. So before choosing the app first check the TV compatibility.

2. USB Debugging

This feature is a boon to some Android devices. By enabling this feature in certain Android devices, they function properly. You have to enable USB debugging in the developer option. It can help to improve screen mirroring stability and compatibility.

3. Use Adapters

Certain TVs lack proper adapters for connection. In this case, you can use the adapters or dongles to bridge the connection between your Android device and TV.


What is a Screen Mirroring app?

A screen Mirror app helps you to connect your Android device to the TV. There is no need for any kind of Wi-Fi connection for the functioning of these apps. Your Android device screen can be visible on a larger screen like a TV or computer monitor. It is an easy and convenient way to share content, play games, and give presentations.

How to cancel the Screen Mirroring app?

To disable screen mirroring you have to simply disconnect the connection using the app or method you used to mirror your screen.

Can anyone Screen Mirror my phone without me knowing?

Yes, it is possible to screen mirror your Android device without your knowledge. A person has physical access to your device and knows how to use the screen mirroring. To prevent the access of unauthorized screen mirroring you must use safety measures. Using a strong pin or biometric can keep your device safe.

Final Thoughts

Screen mirroring apps offer an easy way to share your Android device’s screen with a TV without needing a Wi-Fi connection. The apps mentioned above, along with the tips and tricks for compatibility, provide various options to mirror your screen to different TV screens. Whether you want a wired connection using a USB or HDMI cable or wireless options like Miracast, you can choose the method. Ensure that the method suits your needs and enjoy the benefits of a larger screen experience.

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