7 Best Video Editing Apps for Instagram Reels Without Watermark

In today’s social media world creating Reels and sharing them on Instagram has become common. But getting a perfect Instagram Reel editing app without a watermark can be a game changer. We have suggested some of the best Instagram Reel editing apps to you. These apps have amazing tools and features for editing your video.

The apps mentioned are easy to use and have various tools for editing your Instagram Reels. Some apps may contain watermarks in the beginning but can be easily removed by watching an ad. Also, along with the best video editing apps for Instagram reels, we have also shared some bonus tips to edit your Instagram reels in a professional way creating an impact that it needs to.

7 Best Video Editing Apps For Instagram Reels Without Watermark

1. Canva Video Editor

Canva is a well-known app that is one of the best video editing apps for Instagram Reels. This app provides you with a seamless experience with a huge number of templates to work with. It is one of the favorite apps among social media enthusiasts. It is super easy to use and even good for beginners with so many built-in features.

Key Features:

  • Free and Paid Templates- You can choose from a mass of templates designed for social media purposes. It has specific templates for birthdays, anniversaries etc. It has videos tailored to different lengths as per requirement. 
  • Text and Elements – You can customize your videos with Canvas collections of text styles, stickers and various graphics. It is very easy to make your videos more vibrant with Canva.
  • Collaboration – You can work on projects easily by collaborating with your team members in real time. This feature is also available in the Canva video editing app.

2. InShot

Inshot is a go-to mobile video editing app. This app has many features for editing your videos. It’s very easy to use. In-shot video editing is one of the best choices for beginners.

InShot does show watermark in the free version, but you can easily remove that by watching a small ad. Amazing, right?

Key Features:

  • Expressive Text and Stickers – You can add personalized content to your social media accounts using the Inshot video editing app. This app has a variety of text fonts, styles, and stickers.
  • Speed Control- You can get the exact temp for your video. Using its speed control feature you can easily adjust the timing as per your requirement. You can do slow-motion or fast-paced edits using this app very easily.
  • Seamless Transitions- Enhance your storytelling with a smooth transition between scenes.

3. CapCut

The CapCut app is another gem in our list. It offers some comprehensive tools for editing video. CapCut is user-friendly and has advanced tools for editing Instagram Reel Videos.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Layer Editing – You can work with multiple layers of video and audio for precise editing control.
  • Smart Cut and Splice – CapCut suggests the required cut point for a seamless edit
  • Real-time Music Effects- This app helps you to add dynamic elements to your Reels with a vast range of music and effects.

4. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is made by Wondershare desktop editing software for your Mobile device. This app allows you to create professional-looking Instagram Reels effortlessly.

FilmoraGo - Best Video Editing App for Instagram Reels Without Watermark

Key Features:

  • Music Library – You can get access to a diverse music library. All the music available is licensed and doesn’t have a copyright claim.
  • Transition effects- You may select from a variety of transitions available for your Instagram Reels video.
  • Aspect Ratio Options- Various ratios are available to fit your videos.  This includes a square format specifically for Instagram Reels.

5. Adobe Premiere Rush

The Adobe Premiere Rush is a mobile-friendly version of globally famous Adobe video editing software. It has a creative and seamless interface. It may seem a bit hard to use at first but once you get used to the app, everything becomes easy. Adobe Creative Cloud is a top choice for serious content creators.

Key Features:

  • Cloud Sync- This app enables you to edit videos easily across multiple devices. This is available with automatic cloud synchronization to get your data across devices.
  • Professional Colour Correction – You can do the necessary color correction in your videos. This gives your videos a cinematic look.
  • Motion Graphics Templates – You can add effective motion graphics and make your video look more creative.

6. KineMaster

Kinemaster is a powerful video editing app for Instagram Reels. It offers a wide range of tools to create stunning Instagram Reels without a watermark. It is one of the best software to edit videos out there.

Key Features:

  • Chroma Key- You can unlock the advanced features with the green key or chrome key features which is equivalent to a premium.
  • Audio Filters- Enhance your videos with a variety of audio filters and effects. This is perfect for audio editing in the videos.
  • Real-time Recording- You can create and edit your content in real-time as well with KineMaster.

7. VN Video Editor

The VN Video Editor app is simple to use with a wide range of features available for editing your Instagram Reels. This is one of the best choices for both beginners and experienced editors.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use – VN Editor’s creative design ensures a smooth editing experience.
  • Multilayer Editing- You can add Multiple-layer videos and complex effects to your Reels.
  • Voiceover Recording – Add your personal touch to the video with voice narration within the app.

5 Bonus Reel Editing Tips

  1. Plan your Content – Before going into the editing process plan your content. You must fix the story you want to tell and the message you want to portray through your reels.
  2. Use Templates Wisely- Templates are available for various purposes.  You can use them in your Reels to save time.
  3. Experiment with Transitions – You can increase the quality of your Instagram Reels with smooth transitions.
  4. Optimize for Mobile Viewing – Keep the video that can be viewed easily on the mobile phone.
  5. Add Music Thoughtfully- The music that you have to add should match the theme of your content.


How do I edit IG Reels?

You can edit your Instagram Reels easily using the video editing apps like InShot, Canva video editor, Kinemaster, CapCut etc. These apps are easy to use and will take you only a few hours to get used to the features. You can also refer to some cool video editing tutorials on YouTube for free.

How to add auto subtitles to a video?

Veed.io offers an automatic option to add audio subtitles to a video. Alternatively, you can use any other video editing app to add subtitles to videos on your own but that would require too much editing.

Final Thoughts

All of these video editing apps for Instagram reels without watermarks offer a seamless editing experience.  These apps cater to the growing demand for visually appealing, professional content on social media.

The absence of watermarks ensures a polished final product, allowing creators to showcase their work without any distractions. The Instagram reels without watermark are also preferred by the algorithm and that helps in giving more reach on Instagram. Plus nowadays, even videos need to have a visual appeal for people to sit through them or else you get scrolled down.

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