Comcast Email Not Working On Android [3 Quick Fixes + 1 BONUS TIP]

There are some recent complaints regarding Comcast email not working on Android. In this issue, the android users cannot send or receive Comcast emails. The received emails go straight to the outbox with the message “Couldn’t send.” And when the users try to send the email, it says “Couldn’t authenticate…the password or authentication method may be incorrect. Check your outgoing server settings, then try again.”

Comcast Email Not Working On Android

Strange! Right?

But, No Worries! In this article, let’s identify the root cause of the problem and some quick fixes that you can do to solve this Comcast email not syncing on Android issue.

Why is Comcast Email Not Working on Android?

Nowadays, Android users are facing a range of problems from Comcast email not syncing with Android, emails not loading at all, login issues, and so on. And before we jump on to the solution, let’s identify why is the Comcast email not working on Android, and what are the possible causes of the problem. Here are a few reasons:

1.     Server Issue

As we know, the email service to send and receive email messages depends on the servers. So, if by any chance, the server is down due to maintenance or any other reason, it will impact your email service for that period.

2.     Incorrect Email Settings

Sometimes, there is a problem with Comcast email not syncing on Android. One of the main reasons for this issue is incorrect email settings. The email settings like incoming and outgoing server configurations, username, password, and security settings must be accurate for your email to sync on your device.

3.     Poor Network Connectivity

A stable internet connection is required for the email service to work correctly and sync on your device. So, if your Android device is experiencing any network issues or slow internet problems, this could be the reason for Comcast email now working and not syncing on your Android phone.

Comcast Email Not Working on Android: FIXES

If the Comcast email is not working on your Android phone, then here are a few quick fixes that you can give it a try:

1.     Uninstall and reinstall the Samsung App

If you are using the Samsung email app to access Comcast emails, then all you have to do is try uninstalling the app and reinstall it again. Many users recently shared that this solution worked great for them.

So, reinstall the app and enter your Comcast email credentials, and that’s it!

2.     Clear Email App’s Cache and Data

Another cool solution is to clear your email app’s cache and data. Follow these steps: Go to Settings, tap on Apps, find your email app, and tap Storage. Hit Clear cache.

If it is still not working, and if you want to give it a fresh start, go to Settings, tap on Apps, find your email app again, and tap Storage. This time, press Clear data, then tap OK. This will clean up the app and take it back to how it was when you first got it i.e., reset it to its original settings. Now, just add your Comcast email account, and done. Easy peasy!

3.     Check IMAP settings

Comcast’s email server uses something called the IMAP server to send and receive your emails.

Here’s how to make sure everything’s set up right:

  • Open your email app’s settings.
    • Pick “Add New IMAP account” from the menu.
    • Type in your Comcast email and password.

That’s it! Just a few simple steps to make sure your email is good to go.

Comcast Email Not Working on Android: BONUS TIP

If you have to urgently access your emails and you can’t do it with the email app, then you can just login directly to Comcast email from Xfinity.

Just use your Comcast username and password to sign in, and boom, you’ll be taken to the email dashboard. Easy peasy!

Final Thoughts

Hope the fixes work for you. But if you’re still facing this issue of Comcast email not working on Android, then contact the Xfinity customer support team, and wait till the issue gets resolved.

And for the time being, you can access your Comcast email through the webmail portal and get your work done.

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